Birdletters to Sofie!

Dear Sofie,
About my life right now; I miss you terribly, I actually do. I miss our conversations.. your kindness, humour and warm words. Sometimes I remind myself about the very first time we met, how faith (it must have been) put two souls together and made a super-soul-friendship that would come to last forever. You are like my dairy. I can open up every page for you and pacify whatever, whenever I feel “heart-compulsions”. Do I like life when it turns out to routines? I actually do not know, mostly because I never tried. However, it might be due to a reason. My mind gets overwhelming, crazy and overheated when I get time over to think. I guess this will not surprise you; I changed my plans; I have started to look at possibilities to build my own bachelor. This would include countries like; Argentina, Ghana and Vietnam. Well, as I cannot control my impulses, only time will tell what my heart feels like doing this autumn. I just know that I want to study hard and live life as it should be lived! Please write back to me. I want to hear your latest story! Love, Cornelia!


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